Seminar Videos

Ludovic Le Renard Exit Seminar

SCIE 113 Candidate Teaching Demo Videos

Women In Science 2018 (May 8, 2018)

Plant Molecular Biology (PMB) Candidate Seminar Videos 

Gregory Martin – October 29, 2013
Protein Structures at the Interface between Type III Effectors and the Plant Immune System

Jim Anderson – March 11, 2014
Divergent Adaptation and Reproductive Isolation in Experimental Populations of Fungi; Architecture of Microevolutionary Change

Linda Kohn – March 12, 2014
How fungi diversify and modulate the biodiversity of their hosts

Steve Cundy – October 17, 2013
Research IT Support in UBC Seminar

Paul Falkowski – October 21, 2014
Reconstructing the wiring diagram of Earth’s biogeochemical cycles

Michelle O’Malley – February 23, 2016
Exploiting Anaerobes for Biomass Breakdown and Sustainable Chemistry

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