Backup Service

The Botany backup service (Druva InSync) has been discontinued on March 31, 2021. Botany Backup Service has been protecting our users’ data since 2008. We were able to recover invaluable data from various incidents ranging from failed hard drives to human errors. In September 2020, our backup software vendor informed us they will discontinue their on-premise software platform in March 2021 and only offer a cloud-based backup solution, which would result in a significant cost increase. Furthermore, we are constrained by various regulations that make it very difficult for us to use a cloud-based backup solution. We surveyed several other backup software vendors and were unable to find any applicable alternative that can satisfy our key requirements. After consulting with UBC IT and the Botany Leadership Team, we concluded that we will discontinue the Botany Backup Service on March 31, 2021. Users will not be able to back up data to or recover data from our backup servers after this date. Please plan ahead of time if you need to retrieve data or switch to another backup solution.

Botany members can choose to use these free backup options as alternatives.

For Windows users, you can use (for free):

OneDrive – 5GB for personal accounts, 1TB for UBC accounts

Turn on File History in Windows – a second hard drive in the PC or an external hard drive is needed.

File History backup feature in Windows 10 –

Backup and Restore your files with File History –

It’s will be difficult for users to use OneDrive to backup lab computers as it requires someone to login to OneDrive. File history will be a better option.


For Mac users, you can use Time Machine:, an external hard drive is needed.


If you have any questions, please contact Botany IT at