Backup Service

Note: Start on Dec 1, 2018, we will only accept request for the new inSync backup service. The old Crashplan backup service will be discontinued on Mar 14, 2019.

Brief Description of the Botany Backup Service

  1. This service is built with the inSync Private Cloud Enterprise backup software developed by Druva Inc. More information about this software may be found at .
  2. For better redundancy, data integrity, scalability, and cost control, all servers for this backup service are virtual servers hosted in BCNET’s EduCloud Server Service. More information about the EduCloud Server Serivce can be found at . And the backend high capacity storage system is built on the BCNET’s EduCloud Backup Service. More information about the EduCloud Backup Service can be found at
  3. This service is developed with regulatory compliance (UBC policies and standards, provincial and national laws) as one of the essential requirements. All data will be encrypted before sending to the backup servers and remain encrypted on the servers. All servers are protected by firewall system. Service administrators have no access to user data unless otherwise requested and enabled by the user.
  4. To use this service for desktop or laptop computers, the customer will need to download and install a client side application onto the device that will be backed up. The client side application is available for devices running Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.10 or newer, Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, or Redhat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 6.6 or newer. Users may download the client side application by logging into the web interface of the backup service at . To use this service for iOS or Android mobile devices, the customer will need to search for “Druva inSync” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and install it in the mobile device. Please refer to the user manual for more details.
  5. Each user account is uniquely identified by an email address as the username. When apply for a user account, the customer will be encouraged to use the registered email address (as in UBC’s HR database) as the username, and authenticate using the CWL (UBC campus wide login account) password. But the customer do have the option to use a different email address and password for the user account.
  6. By default, the client side application will back up selected files/folders to our servers every 4 hours when there is an appropriate network connection between the client device and the backup servers. User can change the backup interval to as short as 20 minutes in the client application settings. User can also customize other settings such as “Black Out Window”, “Bandwidth Usage”, “CPU Priorities”, etc. in the client application settings. Please see the user manual for details
  7. Users may recover an older version of a file/folder or deleted file/folder by rolling it back to a specific state of earlier date and/or time called “Snapshot”. By default, all 4 hours (or at a customized interval) snapshots will be kept for 30 days, weekly snapshots (the last successful backup of a week with Saturday as the last day of a week) will be kept for 24 weeks, and monthly snapshots (the last successful backup of a month) will be kept for 24 months. Please note that if a file would be created then deleted between two snapshots, it won’t be captured by the backup process, and hence won’t be able to be recovered.
  8. Users may recover selected files or folders on any devices under the same user account, using either the client side application, or the web portal at .
  9. The client side application can back up to or recover user data from this service through any network, including a home network, hotel network, or another University’s network in a foreign country, as long as the network is not blocked by their respective internet provider from accessing TCP port 443 (also known as HTTPS port) on the backup server (with domain name of and IP address of
  10. Notification or alerts related to the customer will be sent to the email address registered as the username.

Eligibility and Cost

Details are pending for approval, and will be posted as soon as possible.


  • Service Level Agreement (available soon)
  • Botany Backup Service User Instruction (please note this user instruction doesn’t cover iOS/Android device, please see the demo vidoe below for iOS/Android)
  • Quick Demo Videos:
    Desktop demo

    Android device demo

    iOS device demo