Software Purchasing and Licensing

Botany IT can assist you with software licensing. If you are interested in acquiring new or updated software, please contact us via email or in person at our office.  This page provides a brief summary of commonly requested applications.

Adobe Software

For computers owned by UBC, the most cost-effective way to license Adobe software (Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.) is through Botany IT.  For current prices, please refer to the software licensing section on UBC IT’s website.

For personally owned devices, Adobe software may be licensed through the UBC Bookstore or directly from Adobe. Educational discounts may be applicable, which can save you some money.

Microsoft Software


The UBC Microsoft Campus Agreement covers all computers (PC or Mac) owned by the university. This arrangement allows for the latest version of Microsoft Office to be installed.

For personal devices, students with a valid CWL qualify for a free subscription to Office 365. Please see UBC IT’s website for more information.

Office (Home Use Program)

UBC employees with personally owned systems have access to Microsoft’s Home Use Program.  If you have been assigned a UBC-owned computer for your work on campus, you may purchase a home use license from Microsoft at a low cost. For information on licensing Microsoft Office via the Home Use Program, please feel free to contact us.

Note that the Home Use license is terminated once you leave UBC or if the Campus Agreement ends.


Any UBC owned computer running a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows may be upgraded to the latest iteration through the UBC Microsoft Campus Agreement.  If you wish to upgrade Windows, please contact us to arrange a time for installation.


Botany IT supports the following anti-virus programs.

Backup Software

A free version of Crashplan is available for both Windows and Mac, which allows users to back up their data to an external hard drive or to an offsite computer.

Mac users can also use the built-in backup feature of OS X – Time Machine.

Password Management

Due to expanding requirements in terms of password aging and complexity, it has become very challenging to remember them all.  We strongly recommend the use of password management software to simplify the process.

Other Recommended Free Utilities




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