Ricoh MP C6004

First of all, you need to register your CWL account with us before you can use any of the four Ricoh printers. please send us an email at to register or find out your account status.

Machine Locations:

  • Botany mail room (room 3158) in Biological Sciences building
  • Zoology mail room (room 4213) in Biological Sciences building
  • Outside of room 2332 (Lee Lab) in Biological Sciences building south wing
  • Biology office mail room (room 1103) in Biological Sciences building north wing

Copying and Scanning:
We have implemented the PaperCut system for print/copy management. To gain access to these machines for copy and scan-to-email jobs. Please follow the Ricoh Copy/Scan Quick Start Guide for details.

For detailed instructions on copying and on sending scanned documents to email, please refer to the relevant sections in the Ricoh MP C6004 User Guide.

Network Printing:
To send print jobs to the Ricoh MP C6004 over the network, please refer to the guides listed below. Click the link corresponding to the operating system installed on your computer, or watch the videos for Mac installation.
Note: the installation procedure can be challenging for some users. Please contact Botany IT at if you need help.


PaperCut Client release 21.0 resolved issues with macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) and 10.15 (Catalina). Make sure to download the latest release of PaperCut Client.

Known Issues with macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Gatekeeper blocks the PaperCut Client from running (and also blocks the installers from running)

With the new notarization requirements that Apple are putting in place for macOS 10.15, when you run the on a workstation, you will receive a warning: PCClient can’t be opened because its integrity cannot be verified.

As a temporary workaround, instead of opening the normally, you will need to right-click or control-click the, and then select Open from the menu, and then again select Open from the subsequent popup:

The client will then run as normal, and from this point you can open the client using the normal method.


Client-local-install script does not run successfully

The client-local-install script to install the macOS client will no longer work on macOS Catalina, since it is still 32-bit. You will receive an error message: “client-local-install” needs to be updated.

The workaround, and much simpler way to install the macOS client is to copy the from the server, to the local /Applications folder – as you would do with other macOS apps. The will then run successfully (you will have to right-click the app and select open, then open again the first time you run it – as detailed above).