Botany IT Bulletins

Botany Drupal Websites offline for security updates

All Botany Drupal Websites (www.botany.ubc.ca, in.botany.ubc.ca, and db.botany.ubc.ca) are taken offline for security updates from 10AM-12PM on Wednesday, Apr25.

Botany Drupal websites 2 hour offline on March 28

As requested by UBC IT, we will take all three Botany Drupal websites (botany.ubc.ca, in.botany.ubc.ca, db.botany.ubc.ca) offline at 10am tomorrow (Wednesday, Mar 28th), so that we can install security patches to fix a highly critical security vulnerability. All three websites are scheduled to be offline for around 2 hours. If you are managing your own […]

No more Xerox in Botany

The last two leased Xerox printers in Botany have been disconnected today. Please check https://it.botany.ubc.ca/it-services-and-resources/print-service/ for other available printers.

Rule for @ubc.ca addresses to receive external emails

For a FASmail email address that ends with @ubc.ca to receive emails from external email addresses (such as Gmail or Yahoo mail addresses), it must be listed under the UBC directory (https://www.directory.ubc.ca/index.cfm). This rule has caused several of our users unable to receive emails from external users. If you are using a FASmail account end […]

Botany website updates overnight

Botany website and Botany Internal website will be offline from 9PM-12AM on Jan 30, 2018 for installation of security updates. The real downtime may be shorter.

Email accounts hosted outside Canada (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud) cannot be used for work purposes

“Email accounts hosted outside Canada (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud) cannot be used for work purposes.” said the University Counsel and the Chief Information Officer. You can find more information at https://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/Fact-Sheet-Privacy-of-Email-Systems.pdf .

New print service user/account management procedure

As approved by the Head of Botany, Botany IT will use the new user/account management procedure. Start on Dec 15, 2017: Botany IT staff will only accept request directly from the managing administrator for adding/removing of speedchart(s). Botany IT staff will only accept request directly from the research grant holder (PI) for provision/de-provision of user […]

UBC Adobe License expired on Nov 30, 2017

If you obtained Adobe Acrobat DC or Creative Cloud through Botany IT or other IT unit in UBC, you won’t be able to use your Adobe application and will be asked to sign in with your Adobe ID. To fix this problem, we have obtained the re-serialization utility from UBC IT to reactive your Adobe […]

Certificate error for Botany website and internal website

We have renewed our SSL certificate for botany.ubc.ca and in.botany.ubc.ca website. Both sites are working normally now. Thanks for your patience.

UBC email address not receiving emails from external senders

We received reports that some UBC FASmail addresses cannot receive emails from external senders. This is a known issue due to UBC FASmail security settings. We will verify the settings for all Botany members in the next few weeks. But if you experience this problem, please contact Botany IT at helpdesk@botany.ubc.ca so that we can […]