Print Service


Changes since Feb 2017

  • Botany users now have access to four Ricoh MP C6004 multi-functional printers located at four locations
    • outside of Botany main office in Bio-Science
    • Zoology mail room in Bio-Science
    • Biology office in COPP
    • room 220A in WesBrook
  • User management and access control for all Ricoh printers are now through the PaperCut MF software
    • to print, user need download and install PaperCut App, then login with CWL account (see user instruction for Ricoh MP C6004)
    • to copy or scan, user need login with CWL account, UBC employee number, or tap UBC Card (see user instruction for Ricoh MP C6004)
  • The two legacy Xerox WorkCentre 6400 printers will be removed in April 2018. User can still use UBC employee number to gain access to these two Xerox printer until then (see user instruction for Xerox WorkCentre 6004)

Strategic Goals for Print Service

  • To facilitate cost savings and improved productivity directly to Botany members and associates, we provide centrally managed print services.
  • As a long term benefit, this service aims to reduce overall energy consumption while simultaneously offering users a high quality and efficient alternative to personal desktop printers.

Cost Recovery Formula

The instruction from the Botany Administrative Director for print services cost recovery is that we should be revenue neutral. Therefore, only the bare costs associated with print services are transferred to end users. There are four components to the cost:

  • cost for implementation of the PaperCut system
  • equipment rental costs for the multifunction printers
  • cost per printed page as billed by Xerox
  • paper and other consumable cost

Base on usage data from Fiscal Year 2015, we decide to keep our price at 7 cents for each black/white printout and 12 cents for each color printout. As a policy, we review the price each year to ensure that end users enjoy the best price. Note that whenever the monthly printing volume increases, the cost per page to users decreases (assuming no changes to equipment rental costs), which means that if more users adopt the department print service in favour of their own desktop printers, we can provide better prices for everyone.


  • Scan to Email” service is free
  • Fax service is no longer provided through any of these multi-functional printers. Please contact the Botany main office for details

Application Procedure

To use these Ricoh multifunction printers, you need register your CWL account with us, and have at least one valid speedchart associated with your CWL account. Based on lists received from Botany and Zoology Administrators, we have pre-registered most faculty members and staffs in two departments into the PaperCut system, but may still miss some graduate students or research personnel. Please feel free to contact us at to register or find out more information about your account.

To use those two Xerox printers, you need register your UBC employee number with us, and have at least one valid speedchart associated with your employee number. Again, Please feel free to contact us at to register or find out more information about your account.

Equipment Details

Model: Ricoh MP C6004


  • Outside Botany main office (room 3200) in Bio-Science building
  • Zoology mail room (room 4213) in Bio-Science building
  • Room 220A in WesBrook Building
  • Biology office (room 2604) in COPP building.


  • 60 ppm print/copy speed
  • black&white and colour printing,
  • black&white and colour copying
  • scanning to email.
  • letter, legal, and tabloid size paper.
  • 2500 pages large capacity for letter size paper
  • 3000 pages finisher with built-in stapler and hole puncher.

User Instructions: Ricoh MP C6004


Model: WorkCentre 6400 (legacy printers that will be removed in Apr 2018)


  • Outside of Room 2231 in Bio-Science building,
  • Room 229 in Bio-Diversity building.


  • black&white and colour printing,
  • black&white and colour copying,
  • scanning to email
  • letter and legal size paper.

User Instructions: WorkCentre 6400