Botany IT Report 2015


This report covers the period from Aug 1st, 2014 to Aug 31, 2015. The most important achievement for this period is that we have added application development (to be more specific, online application development based on Drupal) into our service portfolio. I will provide more details in the “Accomplishments” section, and discuss some opportunities and planned projects in the “Future” section.

Outline of the report

  1. Overview
  2. Accomplishments

2.1 Major Projects

2.1.1 Botany Website

2.1.2 Botany Internal Website

2.1.3 Botany Resource Booking System

2.1.4 Botany Vehicle Booking System

2.1.5 Botany General Purpose Database Hosting Service

2.1.6 Hadoop Cluster in Computer Canada OpenStack Environment

2.2 Other Accomplishments

2.2.1 Drupal 7 Testing Environment

2.2.2 Botany Business Process Audit

2.2.3 Botany IT Security Alert Guideline

2.2.4 Mycology Database Boarding Botany FileMaker Database Hosting Service

2.3 About Our Team

2.3.1 Overview

2.3.2 Professional Development

3. Future

Access to the report

The full text of this report will only be available under request. Please contact Botany IT helpdesk if you want to have a copy of this report.

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