Botany IT Report 2014


Give me a place to stand on. We won’t move the Earth, but we will make your life much easier, helping you to focus on your core mission of excellence in teaching and research. Yes we can, and we did it again. With the right management system in place as the solid foundation, we are able to build a bright future on it. This report covers the period from June 1, 2013 to July 30, 2014. It has been a very busy and productive year, during which we have continually improved and expanded our service portfolio. I will summarize what we have done in the “Accomplishments” section, and discuss some opportunities and planned projects in the “Future” section.

Outline of the report

1. Overview

2. Accomplishment

2.1 Major Projects
2.1.1 Botany IP address reorganization and DHCP implementation project2.1.2 Botany Backup Service Migration and upgrade project.
2.1.3 Botany IT ticketing system migration and upgrade project
2.1.4 Botany IT monitoring system project
2.1.5 Botany Storage Cluster project

2.2 Other Accomplishments
2.2.1. Faculty of Science IT review
2.2.2. Server space
2.2.3. Life Science server room
2.2.4 Information Security and Privacy initiative
2.2.5. Expansion of Botany Print Service to Beaty Bio-Diversity Research Centre
2.2.6. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) proof of concept project (Hyper-V)
2.2.7. SharePoint proof of concept project
2.2.8. WordPress website development
2.2.9. e-Waste dump

2.3 About Our Team
2.3.1 Overview
2.3.2 Professional Development

3. Future

Access to the report
The full text of this report will only be available under request. Please contact Botany IT helpdesk if you want to have a copy of this report.

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